Boiler Repair, Care and Boiler installs in Kent that you can rely on

The boiler is the heart of your home. What if it breaks down? Contact us immediately if you are having problems. As well as boiler servicing in Kent and new boiler installs in Kent, we offer repair and 24/7 emergency repair and we will be there when you need us. We’re here to help you and we provide a full service in the county of Kent

Your Boiler in Kent is not just the heating hub in your home

Many people forget how important the boiler is in your home for hot water and for all your gas appliances including hobs.

Are you cooking with Gas?

We not only repair and install boilers, we also travel across Kent to inspect and repair the other gas appliances in your home. Try us out today. Give us a call and you will see that we ensure that all your appliances like your oven, clothes dryer, stove or hob are safe to use and functioning properly with a full gas safety inspection and repair, if required.
We will also advise you on care and maintenance of your gas appliances and what to do should you smell gas in your property. If you think you have a problem, call us immediately.


You want reliable plumbing and heating engineers in Kent that deliver a first class service

How do we achieve this?

Your boiler is inspected for water leakage

As part of our safety checks we check the flue to ensure that it is sealed and there are no blockages

We use specialist equipment (Flue Gas Analyser) on the appliance to test the flow and return temperatures

We also use the same device to check the pressure within the system and test to ensure the minimum pressure can be achieved

We also use the Flue Gas Analyser to measure the CO levels

What if I need a new boiler?

We know that a new boiler can be expensive so our advice is based on whether the parts for your boiler are still available and we will then give you onsite estimates of how much it would cost to repair the boiler.

We provide advice on the best boilers on the market and the one that would be the best fit for your property.

There are quite a few manufacturers on the market that will supply to the Kent area and like boilers they are not all created equal.

Be assured that after you have chosen your new boiler and purchased it, we will arrange a convenient time with you to come and install it.

During the installation we cover everything that comes with our service package ensuring the safest and optmised installation.